What You'll Learn in this Contract Law Course

  • How contracts are formed

  • What types of contracts there are

  • How offer and acceptance work

  • Which contractual terms are considered unfair

  • What happens when a party breaches a contract

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Contract Essentials

    • Video: Background

    • Video: Sources of Law

    • Video: Formal Requirements

    • Video: Types of Contracts

    • Reading: Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores

    • Video: Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores

    • Reading: Beer Capitol v. Guinness Bass

    • Video: Beer Capitol v. Guinness Bass

    • Quiz: Contract Essentials

  • 3

    Contract Formation

    • Video: Objective Theory of Contracts

    • Reading: Lucy v. Zehmer

    • Video: Lucy v. Zehmer

    • Video: Agreement - Offer

    • Video: Offer Duration

    • Reading: Leonard v. PepsiCo

    • Video: Leonard v. PepsiCo

    • Video: Agreement - Acceptance

    • Reading: Osprey v. Kelley-Moore Paint

    • Video: Osprey v. Kelley-Moore Paint

    • Video: Consideration

    • Reading: Hamer v. Sidway

    • Video: Hamer v. Sidway

    • Quiz: Contract Formation

  • 4

    Capacity & Legality

    • Reading: Dodson v. Shrader

    • Video: Legal Capacity

    • Video: Illegal Contracts

    • Quiz: Capacity & Legality

  • 5

    Contractual Fairness

    • Reading: Universal Grading Service v. eBay

    • Reading: Jones v. Star Credit Corp.

    • Video: Unconscionable/Unfair Terms

    • Video: Liability Releases

    • Quiz: Contractual Fairness

  • 6


    • Video: Overview

    • Reading: Donovan v. RRL Corporation

    • Video: Mistake

    • Video: Fraudulent Misrepresentation

    • Video: Undue Influence & Duress

    • Quiz: Defenses

  • 7

    Performance & Breach

    • Video: Breach of Contract

    • Video: Changed Circumstances

    • Video: Conditions

    • Quiz: Performance & Breach

  • 8


    • Reading: Hadley v. Baxendale

    • Video: Remedies - Damages

    • Video: Remedies - Equitable Remedies

    • Quiz: Remedies

  • 9

    Contract Law Cheat Sheet

    • Resource: Cheat Sheet/Summary

  • 10

    End of Course Survey

    • Let Us Know What You Think

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  • Who should generally take this course?

    This course is recommended for anybody looking to learn the most important principles of contract law. While the course focuses on US law in particular, it is also useful for learning contract law fundamentals as applicable in the UK, Canada, and other common law jurisdictions.

  • Is this course suitable for (international) students?

    Absolutely. Contract law is a core subject in any law school, and this course will be an excellent way to support you in mastering this important area of law. The course is particularly helpful for those who are preparing for or currently enrolled in legal studies in the US or UK, such as an LLM, JD, or LLB.

  • Is this course suitable for (international) lawyers?

    Yes. It is an excellent course for those looking to familiarize themselves for professional reasons with the main principles of US and, more generally, common law principles of contract law.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    The course is flexible and it really depends on you and how much time you can devote to it. While it could be completed quicker, we would suggest 2-4 weeks as a rough guide.

  • For how long can I access the course?

    There is no limit. We believe that you should be able to take as much time as you want, and go back to sections or specific materials as many times as you need.

  • What if I have any questions or problems?

    No worries. Feel free to contact our friendly team at any time, and we'll help you out. Promised.

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